Go On a Sensorial Journey With JW Marriott and Flamingo Estate

This new global collaboration encourages guests to be present in mind, body, and spirit.

By: Amber Kallor
Our senses—specifically scent, sound, and taste—have the unique ability to transport us to different places (if only for a moment!), lock in lasting memories, and instantly improve mood. JW Marriott’s new global brand partnership with Flamingo Estate, a California-based lifestyle company known for its herbaceous bath and body products and freshly picked pantry provisions, is designed to take guests on a journey that “traverses multiple sensorial touchpoints” and “elevates the path to well-being,” says Bruce Rohr, Vice President and Global Brand Leader, JW Marriott.
To welcome guests around the world and create an even more memorable stay, Flamingo Estate developed an exclusive garden-infused scent, a nature-inspired sound program, and a handcrafted honey for JW Marriott. “Engaging all of the senses is crucial for enhancing the guest experience at our properties, as it creates a holistic and memorable environment that immerses guests fully, fostering deeper connections and lasting impressions,” says Rohr. Richard Christiansen, founder of Flamingo Estate, echoes these sentiments: “Both brands believe in real hospitality and it’s at the heart of what we do—the rare art of making someone feel loved and cared for.”

Keep reading to discover how these new sensory experiences can awaken the mind, body, and soul.


Ancient civilizations in Egypt, India, and China harnessed the power of scent and scientists continue to discover new ways that fragrance affects brain function. Recent studies have suggested that certain smells can influence everything from memory to mood.

Holy basil, the star note in Expansion—an exclusive scent created by Flamingo Estate—is believed to be especially adept at reducing stress. Known as the “elixir of life” in Ayurvedic medicine, this potent adaptogen has long been used to bring balance to the body by soothing the nervous system, boosting energy, or sharpening  the mind, says Victoria Corrales, head of product Development at Flamingo Estate.

Expansion also features hints of white lotus (said to encourage tranquility) and rosemary (shown to decrease cortisol levels), as well as ginger, galbanum, neroli, and amber. “These notes are known for their calming and grounding qualities that bring you into the present moment,” adds Corrales. This verdant blend of lush greens, damp earth, white flowers, and creamy woods inspired by the JW Garden will be diffused in public spaces and lobbies at JW Marriott properties. The comforting scent also makes the perfect sensory souvenir. Guests can purchase a hand-poured candle, reeddiffuser, and room spray to keep the serene vibes going strong.


In a technology-fueled world where we’re continually interrupted by buzzes, beeps, and dings, music can help quiet the mind. Sound has been shown to provide a bevy of therapeutic benefits, ranging from stress relief to improved concentration. According to a recent survey, people who listened to music in a casual or focused way had higher scores for mental well-being, as well as reduced levels of anxiety and depression.
Flamingo Estate created four distinctive playlists for JW Marriott that correspond to different times of the day and set the tone the second you step into the hotel: Aurora, Sun, Dusk, and Moon. “Our mission was to weave a tapestry of sound that fosters a profound connection to the earth and nature, while also encouraging mindfulness and a deeper connection with oneself and others,” says Corrales. Each soundtrack is designed to evoke a unique energy and ambiance, be it Aurora’s meditative jazz; Sun’s uplifting mid-tempo beats; Dusk’s soft and soulful tunes; or Moon’s sleep-inducing compositions. In addition to playing in the lobby and public spaces, this signature sound experience can be accessed on Flamingo Estate’s Spotify channel via the links above. A guest can tune in while winding down in their room or hit play at home to remind them of their stay.


Honey, the ultimate multitasker, has been used as a natural aid to well-being. Hippocrates, the father of modern medicine, is said to have prescribed this natural wonder for everything from pain to baldness, and it was purportedly a staple in Queen Cleopatra’s beauty regimen. Modern scientists have linked honey—an antimicrobial ingredient rich in antioxidants, vitamins, and minerals—to brain health. A recent study suggests the palate-pleasing substance may help boost memory and mitigate anxiety.
Flamingo Estate crafted a signature honey for JW Marriott that boasts flavorful notes of bergamot and holy basil (an herb that could, according to researchers, address physical, chemical, metabolic, and psychological stress). “Our honey is from the Los Angeles National Forest where bees forage on plants like sage, California buckwheat, golden currant, and wildflowers away from pesticides and chemicals,” says Corrales. This fresh and flavorful blend will tantalize tastebuds in cocktails and savory dishes at select properties around the world. “It will be interesting to see how each chef imbues their unique twist,” says Rohr. Guests who want to continue living the sweet life can take home a jar of liquid gold.